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With empathy we go in the economic field and in insurance fraud in search of clues. Individual concepts must be developed for each customer as no case is the same. Only when we have fundamentally analyzed the problem and recorded conscientiously, we put together the right team of specialists and begin the investigation.

Today, many representatives from various sectors of the Argus ® Detective trust are highly qualified detectives and provide excellent services. Its customers include insurance companies, banks, industrial and service companies, municipalities, lawyers and individuals.

Extracts from our range of services in the economic sphere:

Investigation of an offense
investigations and surveillance in bankruptcy and competition area
investigations on patent, trademark and brand protection violations
investigations in case of default or failure
Finding Address of debtors

Awareness of insurance fraud
• identifying and monitoring for fraudulent acquisition of insurance

Employee checks
checks on workers in the event of illness
checks on workers with suspected illegal work
infiltration of staff to preserve evidence
verification of certificates for new hires
evidence in case of alleged incapacity to work

Security Services (Property, plant and industrial protection)
Guarding of buildings and objects of value
• Review of security with vulnerability and
development of security concepts
• Protection of museums and exhibitions
• Personal protection, escort and courier services
occupational safety, fire and disaster protection